Donation Receipt

Donating with Reach Out & Learn

How Donations Benefit Those in Need

Thanks to all those who have donated to and participated in a Reach Out & Learn event! Because of your contributions, we are able to:

  • Provide training workshops for foreign professionals who care for those in need
  • Design self-sustaining technologies that benefit individuals, families, and communities
  • Partner with organizations that have complimentary objectives
  • Provide volunteer opportunities for generous, giving, and like-minded people

Reach Out And Learn, Donation Information and Receipt

Thank you for contributing to Reach Out And Learn! Your donation may be tax deductible, as Reach Out And Learn is a public charity, 501c3 organization.

**Possible donations include: Costs associated with getting to and participating in a Reach Out And Learn event, such as flights, registration fees, cash, supplies or foodstuffs you purchased to give to those in need (in-kind donations), and so forth.

Tax-Deductible Donations

For more information, please refer to . If you have additional questions, please contact your tax professional.

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Reach Out & Learn, Inc.

Address: 188 W 2000 S, Bountiful, Utah 84010
Phone: 801-505-1840

Date donation was made: ___/____/_______

Donor's Name: _______________________________

Circle One: Fees paid, cash/check, Goods, Services

Description of donation: ____________________________________________



Amount of contribution: $_____________________

Donor's estimated value of goods or services: $_____________________



*Notice: No goods or services were provided in return for this gift