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Reach Out And Learn is pleased to present the, 2018 Trauma Therapy Training in Thailand workshops. These events will be held in Chiang Mai, Thailand February 23rd to March 3rd 2018, and will include a historical and cultural training segment to the Elephant Sanctuary! The objective of these training meetings is to provide a setting where professionals from the U.S. learn together with Thai health professionals, faculty, and students to improve the quality of care both at "home" and in Thailand. These training meetings offer the latest topics and information in healthcare and education with a focus on significant issues unique to Thailand, along with an opportunity to apply and enhance knowledge in a culture unique from those in the U.S.

Sheila and Heather in Thailand

The Trauma Therapy Training in Thailand mission is to provide an opportunity for professionals, faculty, and students, and those interested in improving the health of those in need, to receive and disseminate best practices and the latest advances in health issues and topics that improve the quality of care and education along with challenges faced by underserved populations in Thailand. Our effort is to bring together health and education professionals who specialize in areas directly related to the exciting and ever improving field in which they learn and work and to place these experts in an educational setting that fosters learning, stimulates purposeful discussions, and encourages peer networking.

Bring Friends and Family

This event is designed so that participants may bring family and friends to experience a fascinating people and culture that may hold unique and valuable interactions. Planned tours of health institutions and visits to health education facilities and significant cultural sites are also included in our itinerary. Event Directors participating in the past have extensive experience in humanitarian service and guiding in fascinating sites. Our in-country Travel Service is based in Chiang Mai, Thailand and they are great! Many past participants have stated that touring was awesome but the cultural and conference experience were the highlight of the week.

Conference Directors and Faculty

Brian Barthel

Brian has been at UVU since 1998.

Ph.D. in Health
M.S. in Health Science from Brigham Young University, 1985
B.S. in Health Science from Brigham Young University, 1984

Certified Health Education Specialist (inactive)
First Aid Instructor

Sheila Huntsman, M.A. Ed. C.

Sheila Huntsman has a Master's Degree in Education Counseling and a bachelor's degree in Psychology. She has also received a State certification in Mediation, studied Art Therapy, Music Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Brain Gym and many other counseling techniques.

Sheila uses Neurofeedback "brain training" to help those who struggle with symptoms associated with ADHD, anxiety, depression, learning disabilities, and sleep issues. She has many years of experience and now utilizes Neurofeedback, using an FDA approved device, to help people overcome challenges in order to function well.

Sheila is married to Michael J Huntsman and they are the parents of five children and have just recently become grandparents. She enjoys spending quality time with her family as well as running, hiking. swimming. playing the piano, organ, marimba and vibraphone.

Heather Traeden, M.S./RBT, Child Life Specialist

Services Coordinator, Neurobehavioral Center, Registered Behavior Technician

Heather has a master's degree in human development and social policy from the University of Utah and hopes to coninue her education to gain a Ph.D. in psychology in the next few years. She has worked with children for over 16 years in a variety of capacities including Child Life Specialist, preschool owner and director, and RBT. She also helped created and has served as a board member for Legacy Preparatory Academy, a local charter school, for the past 12 years. Heather loves children and believes strongly in providing opportunities for and supporting each child's power to achieve their full potential.​​ She is currently working for Neurobehavioral Center in Bountiful.

Margo Cowley, BS, Director of Operations (S-PM)

Education: BS Utah State University, Fashion Merchandising with minors in Business and Interior Design & Textiles. Business License for Interior Design business

Years at S-PM: 26 Years

S-PM Duties: She oversees all the insurance needs, benefits, and shares the human resource and all aspects of the business operations with Mike Stangl.

Personal Interests: Margo has been married for 35 years and has two beautiful married children and one wonderful grandson. She loves her family and spending as much time as possible with them, friends, serving others, hiking, skiing, quilting, reading, traveling and family history.

Proposed Event Agenda

Feb 23 Fri - Arrive in Chiang Mai Airport Transportation to Hotel
Recover, Free time

Feb 24 Sat - Free time and recover from travels. Evening "Cultural Evening" at LDS church (just down the street from De Charme Hotel) ROL will buy food and would love to help prepare a typical Thai dinner for everyone. Work with local church leaders to organize and finalize details. Everyone in the church as well as all the professionals that we are looking forward to teaching and collaborating with will be invited.
Thai dancing presentation by branch members and/or friends (local cultural dress if desired). We would also love to be taught some simple dance steps too!
ROL team teach "Western-Style Line Dancing" to everyone that wants to participate
ROL team lead activities with various age groups "Win it in a Minute"

Feb 25 Sun - Free time, church attendance, Afternoon Group outing to visit Ancient Buddhist Temple with waterfall up on the hill.
Evening - Strengthening Relationships Fireside for Adult church members and friends

Feb 26 Mon - ROL Trauma Therapy Training / Cranial Sacral Workshop
Morning - Meeting with 24 Nurse Psychologists (one from each local hospital) ROL Power Point Presentations on topics like Management of Adolescent Trauma Victims, Emotional Regulation, Visualization techniques for Recovery, EMDR
ROL Survey of local Mental Health resources, Trauma Therapy facilities and how they are accessed, special needs or gaps in services provided in Chiang Mai
Lunch (sponsored by local organization or lunch on own)
Afternoon Collaboration with Nurse Psychologists. Learn of their current best practices in Trauma Therapy and their daily responsibilities.

Part 1 - Cranial Sacral Therapy Training, small group break-out workshop
Evening - dinner and free time activities on own

Feb 27 Tues - ROL Trauma Therapy Training with Nurse Psychologists Collaborative Discussion of content from Mental Health Resources Survey
Further Trauma Therapy Training - discussions and presentations including topics such as Brain Gym, NLP, Neurofeedback
Lunch sponsored or everyone on their own
"Feelings Pizza Party", Intro to Group Therapy Facilitation

Part 2 - Cranial Sacral Therapy Training
Evening - Group activity (ideas?)

Feb 28 Wed - Crisis Line Training / *Possibly some ROL team to Private University Meet with local Crisis Line Professional employees to learn of their current training and practices
ROL Crisis Line Training - current Utah best practices
*Today - possibly split our ROL team and some do the Crisis Line Training, others meet with Vivat's Private University Professors and Psychology Students
Further presenting and collaborating from both local and ROL Professionals (possibly half the group meets with us in the morning and another half of the employees in the afternoon)
Evening dinner and free time on own

March 1 Thurs - ROL and Chiang Mai University Psychology Dept. Professors and Students ROL presentations on Mental Health and Professional Psychology topics to local Psychology Bachelor's degree students
Lunch together (in student cafeteria?)
ROL present and collaborate with local Graduate Psychology students and professors
dinner on own, suggested activities such as Night Market, ?

Mar 2 Fri - ROL Team to Elephant Sanctuary!!!! Lunch provided
Afternoon free time
Tonight Hotel included in ROL Registration Fee

Mar 3 Sat - ROL team fly home or on their own to other destinations/activities

Planned Historical and Cultural Training at the Elephant Sanctuary

A half-day package to the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary offers visitors an enjoyable opportunity to spend quality time with elephants in their natural home, as well as gain an insight into their history and behavior, and create cherished lifelong memories of their time spent with these amazing animals.

Visitors to the Sanctuary will also be privileged enough to meet and interact with members of the Karen tribe, and witness stunning views of the surrounding jungle and mountains – All while interacting personally with friendly, happy elephants in a safe and sustainable environment.

On the morning of your visit, you will be picked up from your place of accommodation and will drive for approximately 1.5 hours through scenic agricultural areas, hills, and forest, before arriving at the Sanctuary. There, you will meet your English-speaking guide and learn a little about the elephants, before changing into traditional Karen clothing.

After being allocated bananas and sugar cane to feed to the elephants, you will walk with your guide through the Sanctuary, where you will find free-roaming elephants and hear their individual stories. You can touch, feed, photograph, and interact with the elephants at your leisure while you learn about their lifestyle and behaviors. After you have met all the elephants, you will accompany them to a nearby mud spa. Get muddy with the elephants as you apply a healthy cosmetic mud treatment to their skin. Next, you will walk with the elephants to a nearby river and join them in the water for a refreshing bath. Take a swim and help bathe and brush the elephants while they wade through and play in the water.

Once the elephants are clean, you can take some final photos with them, and then it will be time to part ways with your new friends and change into some dry clothes. Finally, eat some snacks and seasonal fresh fruit, before enjoying once again the impressive rural scenery as you drive back to Chiang Mai.

Note: This is a voluntary activity, and if you have any concerns or apprehensions about being around these very large animals, use your discretion as to the level or amount of your participation.

Proposed Itinerary to the Elephant Sanctuary

06:30-07:00 Pick up from our hotel
07:00 Drive approximately 1.5 hours South of Chiang Mai through rolling hills, forest, and local farming areas.
08:30 Arrive at the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary. Learn about the elephants and change into traditional Karen clothing.
09:00 Meet the elephants. Feed, interact, and play with the elephants in a natural environment as you learn about their behavior and history. Take photos with the elephants.
09:45 Mud Spa with the elephants
10:30 Walk with the elephants to a river and bathe them.
11:30 Eat a traditional meal and then say goodbye to the elephants.
12:00 Leave the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary and drive approximately 1.5 hours to Chiang Mai.
13:30 Drop off at your hotel or accommodation.

Questions & Answers (FAQs)

How do I sign up? What's the next step?

Get your flight (more flight details below) and register for the 2018 Trauma Therapy Training in Thailand event.

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How do I book and pay for a flight from the United States, to and from Thailand?

1. Purchase a ticket through an online travel site (Expedia, Travelosity, Yahoo Travel, etc.), or...
2. Purchase a ticket through specific airline Websites (American, Delta, United, Hainan, etc.) or...
3. Use your frequent flier miles/award points,
4. Call a travel agent at a travel service such as Christopherson Travel. Christopherson Business Travel: 866 327-7606 Toll free, 801 327-7668 Direct line

When should I purchase my USA to Thailand flight?

Check the flight prices daily as prices are known to fluctuate from day to day (specific days of the week may offer a better price). At times specific airlines may offer better prices than other online travel service online sites. We have found that flight prices change significantly (up and down) from day to day.

Is a travel visa required?

As of October 2017...

"Thai visas for Americans. U.S. citizens carrying a tourist passport and in possession of an onward or return airline ticket do not require a visa to enter Thailand. The passport must have at least six months validity remaining to be allowed entry."

Should I purchase Travel Insurance?

We recommend that you purchase travel insurance. It is available from various providers. You can search online for travel insurance.

What should I pack? The following list includes packing list suggestions: (It is not recommended that you bring everything on this list)

Additional tourist attire:

Waterproof sandals
Nice comfortable attire such as slacks or skirt and dress shirt for sit-down dinner or possible worship services

Personal Medical Pouch (we recommend the following):

Insect repellent & itch-balm plus or other hydro-cortisone-base cream
Sunscreen along with Chap stick or Blistex-type lip ointment
Small first aid kit with Band-Aids, ointment, tweezers, medications etc.
Pain reliever
Diarrhea medication (Imodium/Pepto Bismo, etc.)
Constipation medication
Cold & allergy medication, throat lozenges or cough drops
Other personal prescriptions if applicable

Personal Toiletries:

Personal hygiene items, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, towel, wash cloth, soap, deodorant, etc. (an antiseptic cleanser can be a skin saver)
Antibacterial wet wipes--the equivalent of 80-100 wipes per person. Individual pouches can be very convenient.


Personal snack supply: You will buy your own food/water in country, but if you are a "picky eater" or have favorites you can't live without…bring your snacks you prefer (trail mix, granola bars, dried fruit, etc.)
Headlamp or emergency flashlight (to be used when the power goes out)
Box/Duct/Strapping tape to be used to repair luggage or to use in the villages.

Items to entertain or leave with those in the villages, such as,
Long jump ropes (more than one person can jump at the same time)
Cultural sharing items i.e. a small musical instrument that you play, magic tricks, costume, etc.
Compact indoor games or projects i.e. cards or beads & yarn
Compact outdoor games, bubbles & blower)

Do I need to sign a Waiver, Release, & Indemnity?

All Reach Out & Learn Volunteers/Participants are required to sign a waiver form. Once you register for an event, we will email you a participation waiver for you and your family members. Please complete this form, sign, scan, and email it to us at info@reachoutandlearn.org

What can I bring with me as gifts for our Thailand friends?

Anything (t-shirts, pins) with printing on it that will help them identify where we're from. (Utah, Salt Lake, UofU, BYU, etc.

Passport and Immigration Card

Keep your passport and immigration card (if required) in a convenient, yet secure, spot. When checking into hotels, onto planes and trains, some of the tourist sites, leaving the country, etc., you are required to show your passport. Your Immigration form may be required when you leave Thailand for your return flight to the U.S.

Missed flights, missed connections, delayed luggage, etc.

Reach Out And Learn is not responsible for missed flights, missed connections, standby flights, missing luggage, delayed luggage, your late arrival to Thailand, or airline change fees. We have learned that it is important to have at least two hours between flights in order to have time to make connecting flights. When making your flight reservations from the U.S. to Chiang Mai, you may choose to select an itinerary that has at least two hours between connecting flights. If your flight from the U.S. to Chiang Mai is postponed or delayed for any reason, we will anticipate that you will join our activities when you arrive in Thailand. We are also not responsible if you miss bus, train, or airline departures in Thailand. We are not responsible for your wake up calls or to make sure you board buses, trains, or flights in time for their departures. However, we will make reasonable effort to make you aware of our itinerary and departure times so you can plan for and anticipate departures so you will be able to continue with the group. During your travel to Thailand, if for any reason you do not arrive in time for the group's shuttle to our hotel in Chiang Mai, please let us know by email for text as we may be able to work with our in-country travel agent to adjust your schedule and possibly avoid ticket-change fees.

At which hotel should I stay when I arrive in Chiang Mai?

This information will be available here soon.

How much cash should I bring?

We suggest you start with $200 cash. You can exchange U.S. dollars from a teller at a bank in Thailand (you must have your passport) into the local currency the morning after you arrive in Chiang Mai, or at the airport in the baggage claim area (they charge a per exchange commission fee ($10 last time I checked). Of course, a bank, such as Wells Fargo in downtown Salt Lake has foreign currencies, or you can use a debit card to get local currency from ATM machines in Thailand (there is at least one transaction fee (up to $3 last time I checked) I like to have bottled water available when I arrive in Chiang Mai (to drink the first night at the hotel), which is available for you to purchase in Thailand.

Where can I find traveller health/vaccination information?

Please visit the CDC Website for Thailand to find Traveler recommendations. For general questions, please contact the Reach Out & Learn Office by e-mail: info@reachoutandlearn.org

When can I give items to children and community members?

Reach Out And Learn has found that the best way for us to distribute items is to give them to professionals in our humanitarian conferences and have them give them to people in need in small villages. Local professionals typically know those who are most in need. We also plan to give items such as first-aid and hygiene kits to the community leaders, such as the school master or teacher.

Early Registration Deadline

The early registration deadline is Friday, January 12, 2018. After that date, the registration fees increase $100, since, with less time to make hotel, transportation, and other arrangements, the costs for those items increases.

Registration Cancellation Policy

Conference cancellation requests received 40 days before your arrival in Thailand, will receive a full refund minus a $300 cancellation fee. Conference registration requests received after 40 days before your arrival in Thailand, will receive no refund. Please send cancellation requests to info@reachoutandlearn.org. You must receive a cancellation confirmation (e-mail) from us to confirm your cancellation.

Where can I find information About Traveling to and getting around in Thailand?


Reach Out And Learn Event Cancellation Policy

Please register as early as possible, as the Expedition Planning Committee may cancel the expedition if a minimum number of registrants is not reached.


Reach Out And Learn reserves the right to change information on this Web page as well as arrangements associated with our agenda or the conference or expedition agendas, as necessary.

Paying by Check?

If paying by check, please make checks payable to Reach Out And Learn and mail to 188 W. 2000 S. Bountiful, Utah 84010-5553.

Continuing Education Information

Each conference participant will receive a certificate of attendance/participation.